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Will there be a sequel to The Tragic + Divine?

The sequel, THE TRAGIC + DIVINE 2: SAINTS + SINNERS, is set to release in 2021! Stay tuned for more details!

Is The Tragic + Divine part of series?

Yes, THE TRAGIC + DIVINE is a trilogy. 

What was the inspiration behind the tragic + divine?

Y2K. When I was 15, I started writing THE TRAGIC + DIVINE except back then it was an UNTITLED film. The original premise for the story was unpopular girl likes popular jock; jock turns out to be her guardian angel. With the craziness behind the electronic meltdown of 2000, I thought it would be cool to have the angels "fall" that day. In the original story, the angels weren't fallen, however. That didn't come until later.

What was the inspiration behind the angels?

One of my favorite movies, THE LOST BOYS. After finishing the first draft of the book, a friend of mine commented that the angels had no wings and lacked description. As I was doing research for the book, I stumbled across a 30th anniversary video on YouTube featuring the original make-up artists of the movie THE LOST BOYS. One of the things that struck out during the interview was one make-up artist who said, "we wanted them (the vampires) to look like demonic angels." The vampires in THE LOST BOYS inspired the angels in THE TRAGIC + DIVINE. 

What's next after THE TRAGIC + DIVINE?

Two New Adult romance novels called NEVER SHOOT FOR THE STARS. 

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