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For as long as she can remember, Alexis Minerva has always harbored an unyielding hatred for angels. She'd learned to despise them her entire life until Milo arrived and made her question everything.


A divine angel with a mysterious allure, Milo's very presence quickly twists Alexis into a medley of emotions. But if her sister Priscilla's story is one to learn from, Alexis knows she's dancing with the devil by letting Milo in.


It doesn't take long for Milo's troubled past and true nature to come to light. And after a chilling call sends Alexis on a search for her missing sister, she finds herself tumbling from an angelic high into the depths of dangers she never imagined possible.


Angels are supposed to be good though...right?


The holiest creatures share the darkest secrets in this paranormal angel romance with a plot twist that'll send your mind reeling!

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