Before writing THE TRAGIC + DIVINE, I was a photographer and an amateur filmmaker. I wrote my first screenplay at the age of 10 during Social Studies in 6th grade and daydreamed of one day becoming a movie director. Never in a million years did I think I'd be an author!

   It wasn't until I attended film school in Seattle, and after working on a few films shortly after graduating that I realized standing on a set for 12 hours wasn't all that fun. I preferred the liberty of sitting at home in my pajamas writing stories inside an air-conditioned room without the stress of storyboards, demanding actors, and strict budgets.

   But the thought was easier said than done.

  In 2015 after many years of procrastinating and listening to the little negative voice inside my head, I finally decided to finish the Untitled YA book (initially intended for the screen) that sat in my hard drive (well, floppy disk at first) for almost twenty years.      

   Fast forward three years later, THE TRAGIC + DIVINE was born.

  Even though I've swapped movie sets for writing, you can still find me making short films, editing corporate videos, and photographing my children. 

   Join me on my writing journey as I delve deeper into THE TRAGIC + DIVINE universe.

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